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Reviews for Breast Surgery Procedures Near Houston, TX

Houston, TX boasts some of the best plastic surgeons in the nation. As a second generation Houston surgeon, and one that is listed as a "Top Doctor", Dr. Rolando Morales strives to continuously take his craft to the highest level possible. This continues to result in outstanding surgical outcomes and happy patients who have kindly provided their feedback. As you work to find the best plastic surgeon to fulfill your personal cosmetic surgery goals, we invite you to read through these patient reviews and see what they have to say about their experience with Dr. Morales and our practice.*

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Review from M.  |  Source: RealSelf  |  Dec 15, 2015

45 Years Old, 2 Kids, 3 Pregnacies, Difficult Time Losing Fat in Some Areas, Saggy Breasts - Katy, TX - I love Dr. Morales. He was VERY patient with me. I had such a difficult time with my lipo and he realized it. He was always trying to find ways to help me heal faster. He checked on me and did everything he could to help improve my situation. He always used kind words. I could not have picked a better surgeon than Dr. Morales. He is simply amazing. - - I had breast lift and implants- this was worth it. I love my breasts. Lipo on 7 areas-I'm not sure this was worth it. I still haven't seen dramatic results on these areas like I thought I would see. I had a hard time recuperating from the lipo. Too much swelling caused me to miss work, prevented me from working out and just plain had me depressed me for months. The healing time was not what I expected at all. If I had known I would get these results and down time I probably would not have done it. More

Review from O.  |  Source: RealSelf  |  Aug 27, 2015

I Got my Breast Augmentation Done! - Houston, TX - Dr. Morales has been an amazing surgeon to work with. I definitely made the right decision to choose Dr. Morales as my surgeon for my breast augmentation. He is confident, good listener, easy to get along, have great surgical techniques, and is a perfectionist which is a great trait to have as a surgeon.At first I was concerned on how the procedure would go, how I would look like, how my scarring would look like, and what the risks would be in getting the BA. I was also concerned on where the incision should be or where it would give me the least area to get keloids. At first he suggested the "nipple" (areola) incision. But I wasn't comfortable with that since it has a higher risk in breast sensitivity and higher risk of not being able breastfeed. So I decided for the incision to be under the breast (the fold). Dr. Morales listened to what I wanted and was willing to do the incision there.Since my skin is very sensitive to any bruising or cuts, I wanted to make sure that the outcome of the surgery would be good. It was one of my biggest determinant for me to pick a surgeon who has the techniques to handle it. And Dr. Morales has great experience in handling such areas. Dr. Morales gave me a very detailed steps on how to handle my scarring and I was truly impressed. By choosing Dr. Morales I knew the result of my BA would be amazing.Two months in after my surgery and I feel great! Dr. Morales has been incredible throughout the process.Thank you Dr. M! - - I have been wanting to get a breast augmentation (BA) for years. I finally decided to do it this year. It was difficult for me to make the decision to get a BA because I didn't know how it will affect my body, how it will look like, and how safe the procedure will be. I did some research online for the pros and cons of having a BA done. But, I finally decided to do consultations so that I can really find out how each surgeons do their techniques on doing the BA and answers some questions that I didn't get from the Internet. I did two different consultations so that I can have a better decision on who I wanted to do the BA procedure from. I made a decision to pick a surgeon who had lots of experience in BA, who gave me confidence that the procedure and outcome of the BA will be great, who was honest about their work and what my breast will look like, and who is a perfectionist. I say perfectionist because a perfectionist surgeon to me means he or she will make sure that everything that he or she does will be detailed, precise, and do everything with care and caution. I decided on going with Dr. Rolando Morales. More

Review from J.  |  Source: RealSelf  |  Apr 09, 2015

30 Yr Old, Mother of Two Desiring Womanly Assets. Houston, TX - Dr Morales is an amazing surgeon! From the time we first met he treated me with dignity, respect, and provided realistic expectations on implants that would enhance my body, not overwhelm it. Dr. Morales communicated all information to me in a professional manner and was always aware whether I would have any further concerns or questions. Linda, the patient coordinator was absolutely wonderful. She was caring, kind, and prompt with response of my emails and calls to the office. Before my discharge from the surgery center, I was given a bouquet of flowers from Dr. Morales, whom provides all of his clients with after procedures. Personally I thought this was was extremely kind act to help boost his patients spirits post-op. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking breast augmentation surgery and highly doubt anyone would disappointed in his level of skill and care! - - I'm a little late posting my review, but I have desired implants since I hit my mid teens and noticed everyone else developing but me. Even when I was pregnant with my children I hoped they would get bigger, even just a little bit. I'm excited to say I have the most wonderful man to support me and like out my dream. More

Patient Story
Review from A.  |  Source: RealSelf  |  Sep 11, 2014

32 Mommy of 2....Much Needed Tummy Tuck, Breast Reduction & Lipo Of Back, Hips, & Flanks - Houston, TX - I'm scheduled for my mommy makeover on Sept 23rd. I went for my pre-op this past Wed Sept 10th. The staff was more than helpful & answered all my questions. I'm a little nervous but can't wait for my new body. :) I have struggled with my weight & body since my youngest son was born. I'm anxious and excited all at the same time. More

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